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Furniture Movers: How do I transport furniture when moving?

It is not as easy to transport furniture correctly as it might seem from the outside, especially when it comes to expensive or antiques or models with a non-standard design, in any case, professional help of furniture movers is required.

Moving furniture makes your nerves more intact when you move if you follow these tips:

Disassemble the furniture

If you have relatively new and sturdy furniture, it is better to disassemble it for ease of transportation and loading. When disassembled, it will fit both an elevator and a small car. However, old furniture should not be unwound. Chances are great that when assembling the mounts they will loosen or the cracked wood will crack.

Take care of the packaging

To prevent the furniture from getting dirty during transportation, wrap it in thick foil. Pay special attention to the corners. It is better to wrap them with a bubble wrap. On the services of a loader-assistant, you can save 50% of the cost if you pack everything yourself. But if you have expensive furniture, professionals will pack it more reliably.

Make a loading plan

Load furniture in the car in reverse order. In the farthest corner, put what will be unloaded at the last moment – furniture for the closest room to the entrance.

Order a carrier in advance

You need to order furniture movers services at least half a day in advance, provided that you do not need the help of a packer. Inform the amount of cargo. If you send a photo of things to the driver, he will quickly understand how roomy the car you need. Photography will also help you remember nothing when loading and unloading. Warn in advance if you need the services of movers. You will need at least two people to load large furniture.

Furniture Movers Services:

  • assembly and disassembly of cabinet furniture
  • built-in wardrobes and interior items
  • archive racks
  • shutdown and disassembly of shower cabins
  • shutdown and installation of the whirlpool bath
  • switch off the hob and oven
  • removal and installation of lighting devices
  • other technically complex operations
  • as well as the transportation of all the furniture mentioned above.

The furniture movers company offers high-quality packaging when transporting furniture:

Furniture packaging is necessary so that the transportation of furniture during an apartment or office move does not affect its integrity and appearance. The more expensive the furniture, the higher its need for packaging. This is especially true for antiques, which are more fragile and prone to breakage when performing an apartment move.

  • Professional packaging of furniture. Every detail of the product will be reliably protected.
  • Quality packaging materials. If you want to make packaging yourself, we will help you select the most suitable materials, as well as their quantity, and deliver the purchase to your home or office.
  • A full range of services for the assembly, disassembly, and packaging of furniture.

Packaging Materials for furniture movers:

The packaging of furniture in the company is done by real professional furniture movers in their field. We can pack any kind of cargo!

For each piece of furniture, furniture movers specialists select the optimal packaging materials. 

  • High-strength boxes of various capacities for packing various types of goods.
  • Wrapping foam for packaging delicate items such as antique furniture.
  • Three-layer air bubble film for packaging lacquered and polished furniture. Also, the film is used as a cushioning material for packaging fragile parts and items.
  • Special tape that does not leave marks on furniture.
  • Stretch film is a high-density film designed for fastening small items.
  • And much more.

In the furniture movers company all packaging materials are
always available.

  • They provide this service in the shortest possible time, but they’ll advise you to order furniture packaging in advance, 2-3 days before moving.
  • They are well acquainted with the peculiarities of the packaging of various types of furniture and we know well what is necessary to ensure that the product is safely delivered to its destination.

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