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Roof renovation; how much the cost?

Do you want to have a roof renovation but the prices scare you? Roof refurbishment can be expensive but thanks to the facilities and our advice you can save on the final price of your project. Read on to learn more!

Roof renovation: The costs for the renovation of the roof

The prices for the refurbishment of the roof can be high: there are many variables to take into consideration and to have the best results you need to choose quality materials and an expert hand. Consult the table for indicative figures.

TypologyPrice per m ᒾ
Ventilated roof209 -290 $
Non-ventilated roof145 – 193 $
External roof insulation48 – 56 $
Internal roof insulation32 – 48 $
Brick roof cover16 – 25 $
Roof cover in PVC19 – 40 $
Wooden structure177 – 241 $
Concrete structure72 – 161 $
Steel structure40 -120 $

In general, the cost of roof reconstruction varies from $ 48 to $ 322 per/m ᒾ. Obviously, you have to consider the material. The refurbishment of a wooden roof comes at an indicative price of 241 $ per/m ᒾ, to which 209 – 290 $ per/m ᒾ must be added for ventilation and insulation.

Roof renovation: Find the best price for the roof refurbishment

Calculating the price of your new roof without the help of an expert can be difficult. For this reason, contacting more companies and requesting their opinions is of fundamental importance. Fill out our form in just two minutes and get up to 5 free and personalized estimates from experts in your area. By comparing them you will be sure to choose the best and most advantageous offer for the renovation of the roof of your house!

Roof renovation: The roof structure

Before planning the roof renovation and considering its costs, it is important to know its structure. The main elements that compose it are:

  • the large warping;
  • the small warping.

The first is the load-bearing structure of the roof formed by support points and often has trusses, triangular structures that support the base for the roof. The most used materials for this structure are wood, steel, or concrete: it is important that they are durable and resistant materials. The small frame, on the other hand, is the basic structure that includes vertical rafters and horizontal currents on which the roof rests.

Roof renovation:How to save on materials and at the same time have a quality job?

Saving is the watchword. How to do it without sacrificing quality in such an important job as roofing?
First, you can recycle the tiles: if they are in good condition and not damaged, they can be used again. In this case, you will not be free to choose a new roof but you will have to keep the style of the previous tiles.
As for the insulation and the roof structure, choosing natural materials such as cork or wood will allow you to have significant savings. Since they require little processing, they cost less and will allow you to save not only at the time of construction but also in the future, as these natural materials are excellent thermal insulators.

Roof renovation: Roof insulation: why it matters

In your roof refurbishment project, insulation is an important part that will help maintain an adequate temperature for each season. With the right insulation, in fact, living comfort will increase and energy consumption will decrease, allowing you to save a lot on your bill. You can choose between different materials for your insulation board:

  • cork;
  • the polyurethane foam;
  • the wood fiber;
  • the granular glass.

Among these, polyurethane foam panels are the least expensive; they are formed by a layer of foam between two fiberglass sheets, a composition that makes them light and easy to apply. However, each of the materials listed above possesses excellent insulating properties.

Roof renovation: Tax deductions

The cost of the work needed to refurbish the roof can be very high, but there are tax aids that can alleviate the final costs of the refurbishment. With the extension of the eco-bonus until 31 December 2017, you can get a deduction of up to 75% if you make improvements in the energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, if you renovate the roof with materials that implement the thermal insulation of your home, the final cost will be significantly reduced.

Construction companies: how to choose the right one

How to identify a suitable company for roof refurbishment? This choice represents a very important step. Here are some tips that will help you identify the construction company that’s right for you:

  • is looking for a specialist in the sector: a company that has a long experience will deliver you a perfect job and will be able to offer you a better quality service;
    request the construction company’s previous work portfolio to gauge their attention to detail;
  • carefully analyze multiple quotes: compare the proposals of different companies and carefully read each item reported in the document. This is especially important when you are faced with very low prices, since you have to try to understand if the work, despite the price, can be of quality;
  • ask for information on the timing for the implementation of the project.

Roof renovation: Start your project: ask for quotes

Now that you have all the information on roofing costs, take action! By comparing different construction companies you can choose the best offer without sacrificing the quality of your roof. Also, remember that it is possible to obtain tax deductions. Fill out our form and get up to 5 quotes from experts in your area in 24 hours. This will allow you to save up to 40% on the final cost of your project.

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