Disability: Which is correct? PNE or PWD?

Disability, the term PWD (person with a disability) is widely used to refer to a person who has some type of disability, however, when one is not familiar with the subject, the fear of using certain expressions generates a little insecurity. People are afraid of offending or embarrassing others with inappropriate words. The most used and […]

business development

Business Development: what makes a great Manager?

Continuing our popular series of the traits and attributes of high performers in the commercial world, today we focus on the business development manager which has become a critical role for many businesses in recent years. Business Development: It All Starts Here…  As we referred to last time for a company to thrive it needs to excel at […]

garage door

Garage door: Choosing the good One

Once you decide to buy a new garage door, the basic dilemma that arises is – to buy a rolling shutter or a sectional garage door? If you are unfamiliar with garage doors, you probably don’t know which ones are better quality, cheaper, and more reliable and why you would choose one type of door at […]

wine label

Wine Labels: How to have an appropriate design?

There are hardly any more telling examples of the selling power of packaging design (or label in this case) than the example of wine labels. In this article, you are going to see some interesting examples of well-designed wine labels, great wine packaging solutions, as well as tips on how to meet the needs of your […]