Cycling is good and makes you happy

Cycling, two wheels, a frame, a handlebar, a saddle, a chain, and a great desire to pedal: this is the recipe for happiness and well-being. The bicycle is made up of a few simple mechanical parts which, joined together, form a harmonious whole with extraordinary potential. Knowing what the positive effects of physical activity are on […]

people with disabilities

People with disabilities: Principles of social Protection For PWD

Principles of social protection for people with disabilities? Types of social protection for people with disabilities? Basic principles of social assistance policies for social protection beneficiaries? Social protection is a collection of measures and policies that the State and the social community recognize and adhere to in order to maximize the protection of the rights of people […]

stationary batteries

Stationary Batteries: What are they?

Automotive Battery or Stationary Battery To understand what stationary batteries are, the simplest way to explain them is to compare them to an automotive battery. Everyone must have been through the situation of not being able to start the car after a long time without using it, right? This is because the car battery was created to […]


Fence – Which mesh to choose?

If you plan to make a mesh fence in the future, this article may be useful for you, I will try to include my observations on this issue, supported by my experience and conversations with clients. What mesh fence is the best? We can choose from various options of the mesh for the fence, in […]

Workplace Safety

Building Inspection – What is its Importance, and Value?

All things need some kind of inspection, and even buildings have a so-called “building inspection”. Imagine you have a baby. This baby is your building being built. If it has a good foundation and planned construction, the newborn will have a good, healthy adult life (or so we hope it will be). But without periodic and preventive […]