Diamond is an obscenely luxurious stone

An unconditional symbol of power, luxury, status. The stone of winners, which was once allowed only to the elite. Today, the diamond stone – the best friend of girls – is available to any financially wealthy person. Its purchase can be the beginning of life on a new level.

Varieties and colors

The description of a diamond always contains a reference to the color.

Color classification

Diamonds are divided by color into white (colorless), black, and fancy (colored).

White. In most cases, the color of diamonds is yellowish due to impurities. For a more accurate assessment, a diamond color determination scale has been developed: international according to GIA or Russian according to GOST R 52913-2008.

Black. Their peculiarity is a large number of graphite inclusions, which make it difficult to cut and evaluate the stone.

Fantasy. There are 9 basic colors used: green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, brown, blue, gray. In the color designation, the dominant color comes first, there are shades (indicated as a secondary color, in the second position). The second characteristic is saturation (intensity). Defined on a scale of 1 to 9 (minor to vivid fantasy).

Popular shades

Colorless. Classic, most expensive look. The term “pure water diamond” means the highest quality of the stone: it is invisible in water.

Blue. The rarest expensive stone with greenish, purple, gray shades. The color of the diamond is created by the impurities of aluminum. Most salons offer radiation-treated blue artificial stone.

Blue. An even rarer variant, highly prized. The color is created by the presence of boron in the composition.

Brown. The color creates iron in its composition. The cheapest of the fancy stones.

Yellow. More expensive than brown, but from the lower price range.

Green. Almost never occurs in nature. The coloring is done with chrome. The cost of 1 carat reaches 250 thousand dollars. Almost all samples are bought by museums or collectors.

Red. One of the most expensive (the price for 1 carat of such a diamond is more than 300 thousand rubles).

The black. Opaque, completely absorbs light. But endowed with a diamond shine. Until recently, it was not considered precious. However, it is found much less often than white stones, it costs several times more than ordinary stones.

Artificial diamonds

Technologists have created affordable options. Crystals are grown under conditions that mimic natural conditions: high temperature and pressure or chemical vapor deposition. Features of education create a structure similar to natural stone.

The most beautiful and high-quality samples of artificial cultivation are cubic zirconia and moissanite.

The laboratory analog is used in jewelry, science and industry.

Healing properties

Lithotherapists have found out the healing properties of diamonds:

treat mental problems: phobias, schizophrenia, depression, insomnia;
relieve addictions: alcoholism, drug addiction;
help with age-related problems: sclerosis, insanity;
act as an antipyretic; neutralize stomach pains and poisons;
heal lung diseases: inflammation, bronchitis;
fight infections, hepatitis, joint diseases, kidney stones;
used in dermatology.

Subtle but powerful energy affects the internal organs, brain, blood vessels. Ayurveda claims that a diamond inhibits the aging of the body.

The true color of diamond and energy radiation is blue. Fans of color therapy understand its meaning.

Magical properties

The Shining Gem has the same reputation as a powerful protector and patron. The stone shares its energy with self-sufficient people, leaders in life.

Are common

The strongest diamonds are inherited and become heirlooms. The magical properties of such a stone will help solve any problems.

The mineral will bring a lot of useful things to its owner:

Gives firmness of spirit, determination;
protects against bad influences or habits;
increases self-esteem; strengthens energy centers;
protects against damage, evil eye; makes you happy, optimistic; reveals the strengths of the personality.
It is easier to establish a connection between a person and a donated stone.

Rules for ladies

For women, this mineral is of particular importance and requires them to comply with certain rules:

it is undesirable to buy it personally, even for a businesswoman – a man (any) must pay for the jewelry and put it on the hostess; for ladies who dream of getting married, the stone will interfere with their personal life; they buy a diamond when they are already married to their beloved man; he will protect spouses from betrayal or divorce. You need to be prepared for the fact that the magic of the stone will awaken the owner’s “lordly habits”.

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