Motorcycle: Top 10 reasons why people love to ride

Many people understand that a motorcycle is a choice, not a hard necessity. A car can be a forced decision – a riding horse to take children to school, to work and to the dacha on weekends a bunch of different rubbish.

A motorcycle out of despair can only be chosen by people who live in places where it is too difficult/costly to get to by car, and a motorcycle, if something on its own to push out of a rut or a mud road, is more real than a tightly stuck car.

Excitement and adrenaline

Motorcycles are generally a controversial topic because they are loved and feared for the tingling awareness of the dangerous consequences of possible accidents – like walking on a knife blade or thin ice. People are delighted with the sharpening of all senses while driving a motorcycle. 

Especially the feeling of “here and now”. Ordinary mortals get tired of insipid life, routine and regularity blur the eye. A bike becomes a solution to problems for a separate number of people, a pepper that spices up the world around us. Sitting on a bike, everyone realizes the fatality of the error. Isn’t this one of the most gambling games with high stakes on health and life?

The flip side of the coin is dependency. People who are adrenaline junkies, those who want to experience the thrill. From time to time they themselves are looking for how to get a new surge of emotions and sometimes go too far.

Feelings of separateness and unity

The second obvious contradiction in bike life is a fine psychological line. All people on earth are united by loneliness, but everyone has their own personal. A bike allows a person to show individuality, to feel like a separate unit in the stream, but at the same time, it allows you to join the motorcycle culture, which everyone knows about, thanks to public opinion and PR.

After all, he is a motorcyclist, either a lone wolf or a passionate supporter of the club – so many think when they come to the decision to buy a bike. This is noticeable in how newcomers seek to join the company or, on the contrary, position themselves as a motorcyclist who is in himself.

It turns out that the motorcyclist is simultaneously looking for freedom and self-sufficiency, but wants to be part of the group.


Sport is a separate voluminous topic because there are no random people here. People come to motorsport for self-development, for realization, with the desire to catch luck by the tail and the passion of the player.

Travel and discoveries

The argument for buying a bike is tourism on two wheels. Summertime is famous for a surge in both short and long-distance travel. Not everyone likes the idea of ​​traveling by car; the romance of the road on a bike attracts many. If you are using a motorcycle outside the racetrack or in the city for commuting, then travel is definitely one of the top reasons to buy a bike.


Some perceive a motorcycle as just a technique, but for someone it is art. Any customizer will tell you that making a motorcycle is creative. The motorcyclist expresses himself through tuning, through the lifestyle within the culture, even though the choice of equipment. 

Motorcycles are bought not only for driving, but also for the love of history, mechanics, and art. If the motorcycle did not belong to creativity, engineers and designers would not create it unique in shape and style. Nobody would bother with the options for installing a particular part in a certain place. While some would rightly call this creating a competitive model, why shouldn’t even this be considered creativity?

In the motorcycle industry, there were stages in which the motorcycle had to ride under any incredible coincidences, without discounts on beauty, in the early stages of production. Over time, people still began to decorate and work on them, because the craving for creativity and beauty is as natural to a person as a contradiction. 


People switch to motorcycles in search of change. Some change jobs, others change their social circle, and someone decides to go to meet their dreams, buys a bike in order to radically change their lives.


Owning a motorcycle involves acquiring certain skills. The pilots learn and improve their knowledge in motorcycle schools, exchange experiences with other bike owners. The presence of a motorcycle forces a person to delve into technical subtleties, as well as to change psychologically. The main trump cards of motorcyclists are self-control and attentiveness. As they are confident in themselves and their skills, the pilots increase the power of the bike or move to another class of motorcycles, try motorsport.

In any case, owning a bike makes you often think about responsibility for your decisions, adequately perceive the danger of a possible fall, and also learn to control your body and mind so as not to make stupid mistakes.


The most important reason the above boil down to is a pleasure. Bike owners really love what they do, so every year they wait for the season to start, or even never finish it at all. The pleasure that a person gets from driving a motorcycle makes the pilot improve his skills, work on himself. The pleasure of discovering and traveling makes him plan more and more new routes, share finds. The pleasure of self-realization in motorsport or motorcycle culture, the joy of communicating with like-minded people – all of this is worth joining life on two wheels.

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