floor polishing

Floor Polishing Guide: 5 Easy Steps

1. First step before floor polishing

The first step before start floor polishing is to have the family ready to tolerate the dust that originates when floor polishing, and once the polyurethane varnish has been applied, you have to wait for it to dry very well. The quality of polyurethane varnish is that it can be used on all types of wooden floors, or parquet.

In addition to leaving the space of the room free, that is, removing all the furniture and objects, it is necessary to remove with a lever all the moldings and baseboards present in the room, as a recommendation, number each of the pieces to know where to put it then.

You should also put painter’s tape or plastic sheeting on vents, outlets, and objects that can’t be removed. Finally, you should inspect the entire floor for nails, chips, or imperfections to take them into account when solving them, in the event that there are breaks or leaks, it is recommended that you cover them with putty.

2. Materials needed for the job

You have to have the following materials for when you start work on the ground. You will need to: 

A floor polishing machines, an edge and corner polisher, a powerful vacuum, a scraper, a paint scraper, a set of gouges, a smooth plastic putty knife, cans of polyurethane varnish, and several varnish brushes.

3. To start the job

To start the work, you have to remove the furniture from the space that you are going to polish and varnish, if the house is inhabited you must do the work space by space. Then seal the doors with plastic in order that the dust doesn’t begin. Then check the condition of the wooden floor, removing anything that scratches it when you go to polish.

4. Sand the floor

To sand the floor, you need one of the wood floor polishing machines, in case you don’t have it you can rent one. It is essential that you sand the room in 1-third sections, to maintain quality, you should always do it following the grain of the wood.

It is important that you use the tools to polish wood at least in three sanding coats, always using from the thickest sandpaper to the finest, that is, you must sand the entire room with the thickest sandpaper, then you sand the entire surface with the medium sandpaper and finally repeat the process with the finest sandpaper. Baseboards and finishes must be sanded by hand with fine sandpaper.

5.  Aspiration

If you want to learn how to polish a wooden floor by hand, it is necessary that you pay attention to this step, you must remove all the dust from the room with a vacuum cleaner, many of the wooden floor polishing machines have a built-in vacuum cleaner. You should start with the highest areas from the ground. When you finish the process of vacuuming the dust, you must carefully look for the floor, those imperfect marks that have remained, you must remove them with a sanding block; and done this you go back to aspiring in the area.

When you finish vacuuming the dust, you must remove the paint tape and the plastic sheets that you have placed and wipe the walls and openings with a damp cloth, rinsing it to remove all the dust.

Once this is done, the floor will be ready to carry out the lamination process, if you want to complete the work of polishing and laminating floors.

For polishing floors, you must take into account some factors:

  • It is important that before starting the floor is dust-free.
  • Between each sanding coat, it is advisable to vacuum the floor.
  • You should use from the thickest sandpaper to the finest.
  • It is important to use quality materials.
  • Try to carefully clean every area of ​​the floor, including corners.
  • Remember that it is not an easy task, you must carry out each step and in the event of a problem, you can contact our company for polishing and laminating floors.