Electrician: The Importance of Qualified Professionals

Electricians are the professional responsible for the electrical part of a commercial, residential, or building property, in addition, he ensures that all facilities are in perfect condition. To act as a qualified professional in the area, it is important to invest in training courses, such as electricity and electronics. There are different training courses on the market, choose the school and the training that best identifies you.

Electrician’s role!

The profession requires care and, for you who are interested in entering the area, it is important to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It doesn’t matter if you are going to do a simple repair, such as changing the socket or something more laborious, such as replacing the circuit breaker, clothing and safety accessories are paramount. Remember that your safety always comes first. 

Good practices to ensure service security!

Well, I know that you are an excellent professional and you know your responsibilities, but remember that it is always important to perform the services safely. I have separated some tips for you to always be attentive at work, they are:

  • Turn off the general key of the property;
  • Do not put out short-circuit fire with water;
  • Keep the wires away from the heat;
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment, for example, the glove, helmet, and boots;
  • Use certified products.

Avoid headaches: hire qualified professionals!

For you who are renovating the house and want to take the opportunity to give a general look at the electrical part, it is extremely important to hire competent professionals to perform the service. No hiring unqualified professionals, in this case, the cheap can be expensive, avoid losses. Count on a trained electrician, after all, he will be responsible for installing, inspecting, and ensuring the performance of your devices.

Another very important point is the installation of the electrical network, as the service must be carried out in accordance with technical standards. The professional in the field already has the knowledge of the standard and knows the care that needs to be taken. In addition, a service that is against the rules can cause short circuits and consequently a fire. Therefore, hire responsible and trained professionals!

The knowledge that goes beyond electrical circuits

Within the industries there is no space for unqualified professionals, to be hired it is necessary to prove the training in a specialized course.

After all, knowledge goes beyond dominating tools and technical knowledge, it is necessary to develop in other areas.

The most complete professional provides better jobs and job progression within the company.

Knowing how to calculate and interpret technical drawings, having good communication, being able to solve problems, being responsible and organized, and working safely are the characteristics that a successful electrician needs to have in his work portfolio.

In the case of self-employed electricians, good customer service and negotiation skills are essential.

Previous skills and knowledge

As it is a profession that has very specific rules and work practices, it is recommended that the person already has some knowledge in electricity.

Previous courses as an electrician or work experience help you understand the key points of how electrical works within an industry

Electrical Hazard

Electrical risk is present in our lives, whether at work or at leisure, we are daily exposed to the dangers of the electrical network. Therefore, knowledge is very important to ensure the prevention of workers and also of people who deal with electricity at home without any protection. The PPE protects the user of the electrical network and provides security when dealing with the electrical network.

The company is obliged to provide employees, free of charge, with PPE appropriate to the risk, in perfect condition and functioning, in the following circumstances:

  1. whenever measures of a general nature do not offer complete protection against the risks of accidents at work or occupational and occupational diseases;
  2. while collective protection measures are being implemented; and,
  3. to respond to emergency situations. ”

PPE for Electrician

We know that Personal Protective Equipment is essential for some professions. In the case of the electrician, the worker must pay attention to some specifications to protect himself against electrical risk. Especially when it comes to identifying the correct PPE and ensuring the functionality of the product to expose the environmental risks found in the work environment.

The main PPE for electrician are:

  • Class B safety helmet: Indicated for use with risk of electric shock.
  • Safety boot: Be careful when choosing this PPE. Make sure that it does not have any metallic material. To be 100% safe, you need dielectric equipment, capable of insulating electricity.
  • Safety Glove: It is an essential PPE for the worker. Protective gloves guarantee safety in the maintenance of installations and services with electricity in general. It is ideal to use two gloves: the rubber insulating glove and the leather glove that is superimposed to protect the integrity of the insulating glove. Here are some examples:
  • Rubber Insulating Glove: protection of hands and arms
  • Conductive type protective glove: It is tighter and protects only hands and wrists.
  • Fleece glove: mechanical safety glove for conductive type gloves
  • Rubber Insulating Sleeve: protects the arms and provides more security to perform certain activities where the risk may be greater.
  • Seat Belt: Sometimes it is also necessary to carry out work at heights! The electrician’s seat belt is specific to protect the worker from the risk of electric shock.
  • Electric Arc Facial Protector
  • Special Garments: Special shirts and pants against thermal agents from the electric arc

The electrical hazard can be all over the place. So pay close attention when working with electricity, protect your life and the lives of your co-workers! 

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