The Electrician profession is serious and dangerous

An article for those who have decided to associate their profession with electricity, who are taking their first steps in it. And also for those who work as an electrician.

In such offices, both private and public, employers are accustomed to using the labor of workers for nothing. When applying for a job in any enterprise, an electrician must first complete an internship.

1.4.11. The internship of an electrician is conducted under the guidance of a responsible training employee and is carried out according to programs developed for each position (workplace) and approved in the prescribed manner. The duration of the internship should be from 2 to 14 shifts. (PTEEP)

After the internship of an electrician, knowledge of electrical safety is tested, usually for the III (or other) admission group. After successfully passing the exams, you are issued a certificate stating that you are admitted to work in electrical installations with voltage (up to 1000 volts – if group 3, or up to and above 1000 volts – if group 4, like mine, as repair or operational-repair personnel )

This certificate of an electrician is valid only in the company where it was issued.

1.2.6. The person responsible for the electrical equipment is obliged:

· Organize training, instruction, knowledge testing, and admission to independent work of electrical personnel;

· Organize the safe conduct of all types of work in electrical installations, including with the participation of seconded personnel;

· Control the availability, timeliness of inspections and tests of protective equipment in electrical installations, fire extinguishing equipment, and tools;

· Professional development of electrical personnel (at least once every 5 years);

  • Must come to work with a certificate, where you will take it – it does not concern anyone.
  • Safe work will not interest anyone except you.

In normal enterprises, any work is formalized by an order, order or a list of works performed in the order of current operation;

Work carried out in the order of current operation is carried out alone, work on the side or by order – by a team of at least two people.

When working on a side or order, the following must be carried out:

An attire was issued, an order was given, with a record of this in the register of work on orders and orders;

Electrician Work Permit

Supervision during work;

Registration of a break in work, transfer to another place, completion of work.

Offices can simply be sent to do something and without any registration of this work. The employer or boss will not care about your safety, they only care about the result.

In case of an accident, you will be to blame. The boss or the employer will say that you were not sent anywhere, there is no entry in the journal of work on orders and orders about this, as well as the journal itself.

It is not allowed to unauthorized work in existing electrical installations, as well as the expansion of jobs and the scope of the task determined by the order, order, or the list of works approved by the employer, performed in the order of current operation.

In existing electrical installations, the following types of work are performed:

1. Work without removing voltage on live parts or near them.
Work performed with touching live parts that are energized (working or induced), or at a distance from these live parts less than permissible.
2. Work with stress relief.
Work when the voltage is removed from the live parts of the electrical installation on which the work will be carried out, by disconnecting the switching devices, disconnecting the buses, cables, wires, and measures are taken to prevent the supply of voltage to the live parts to the place of work.

To perform work with stress relief, you must perform:

  • Disconnect
  • Hang prohibitory posters on drives and keys.
  • Check the absence of voltage.
  • Apply to the ground.
  • Protect the remaining energized parts.

The article contains the minimum requirements that you need to know and fulfill in order to avoid accidents when working with electricity.

You can study them in more detail yourself, they are all freely available. I will list the documents required for this, in order of their importance.

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