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Glass sliding door and the possibilities it provides

The interior of modern apartments needs space sliding door rationalisation. Homeowners strive to have a beautiful, comfortable home, in which there is no obstacle to the penetration of light, free and comfortable at the same time. A glass sliding door is a great solution for delimiting living space. It allows you to use square meters rationally, and also gives the interior a fashionable, efficient look.

The fashion for such designs is increasing daily. They have a modern appearance, affordable cost, are easy to install, maintain and have many other advantages. They differ in style, design and other parameters. The choice of a particular model depends on the wishes of the client, the characteristics of the operation, the characteristics of the room, the opening.

Materials and design features

sliding door

Sliding glass products are manufactured on the basis of innovative glass processing technologies using high quality fittings. Tempered glass is used as filling, which, even in the event of a strong impact, cannot injure a person. The design of such models allows you to zone the room, while maintaining the usable space, to realize the most daring design fantasies.

You can purchase a ready-made glass sliding door, or you can order the production of a model according to individual sizes . The choice of glass thickness, color solutions, design features always remains with the client.

The sliding door mechanism is simple and reliable. Such products open on the coupe principle, are produced in different widths and heights. The sashes can slide and slide apart in different directions along the wall at the sides. In this case, you need to take care of the availability of free space for the movement of the shutters. In more complex products, the canvas slides directly into the wall. Depending on the design, glass sliding doors are divided into several types: single-leaf, double-leaf.

During opening and closing, the canvas moves along the rail, glass sashes are fixed on it. The movement is carried out using a sliding (open and closed) guide mechanism. They prevent vibrations, ensuring ease of use. Suspended rails are used for interior doors; floor models are not provided for in such products. With a strong load on the upper part of the doorway, additional supporting structures are installed to strengthen it.

In most cases, the retractable mechanism is attached to the wall, but there are other design options. In turn, the recoil mechanism can be open or closed. In the first case, the roll-back rollers remain in sight, but it looks no less aesthetically pleasing than the closed one.

The glass sliding door works almost silently. It can be automated if desired. In this case, the flaps will be opened using the control panel, remote control.

Such products look great with a high-tech style, involving a combination of glass and metal. The blade moves along a roller mechanism at the top of the door. The structure is designed in such a way that it does not create an obstacle to the passage on the floor covering. Modern manufacturers offer their customers a wide range of interesting solutions for interior decoration, space delimitation.

Places of use

Depending on the place of use, such structures are divided into several types:

Street productsThey are made from wooden, aluminum profiles with glass filling. Energy-saving, shockproof, noise-proof technologies are used. Equipped with locks, automation, if necessary.
Interior modelsThey consist of a door leaf, glass filling, overlapping, rollers. An excellent solution for delimiting space into zones, creating a modern interior.

If the doors are used for entrance groups, they can be supplemented with an electric drive. Also, locks are installed on the entrance doors or on the inner doors, if necessary.

The characteristics of such structures allow them to be installed in that part of the house where it seems appropriate to the owner of the house. Glass doors are used in various places of an apartment, at home: bedroom, living room, corridor, bathroom, shower, toilet.

Such products fill the design of the room with lightness, openness and conciseness. They look perfect in different rooms, visually connecting the space of all rooms into a single whole.

Dressing room, corridor, loggia

Today many people want to have a separate room as a dressing room. Unfortunately, the size of the apartment, the house does not always allow to allocate a separate room for these purposes. The glass sliding door is perfect for separating the dressing room from the main room.

Also, sliding doors allow you to effectively use the square meters of a narrow corridor. And the installation of such products as an entrance door to the loggia will not block the flow of natural light and will visually increase the space.

Sliding doors for bathroom, shower, toilet

Bathroom, shower – features of use

For baths, showers, a glass sliding door provides not only ease of use, but also many possibilities in the design of the room. The advantages of such products for these rooms are as follows:

Are not afraid of moistureThe specific conditions of these premises (moisture, dampness) impose their own restrictions on the choice of material. In conditions of excessive humidity, the glass does not swell, does not rust, does not dry out, is not afraid of mold, mildew.
SustainabilityThey are made from safe, clean materials, do not emit toxins and do not pose a health hazard.
Ease of careCare consists in periodically cleaning the glass with detergents without abrasive substances in the composition.
Practicality, safetyGlass models are safe to use for adults and children. The unique glass processing technology provides them with high strength and reliability.

The cost of such products depends on the complexity of the decor, size, design features, materials used in production.  

Features and characteristics

The glass sliding door is available in various designs. It can be produced in soothing colors, or it can become the embodiment of the most daring design ideas.

Lightweight, weightless structures bring into the room a feeling of lightness, no boundaries, convenience, functionality. Glass can be tinted, frosted, transparent, or patterned. The doors can be decorated with decorative fittings. Modern manufacturers offer unlimited design possibilities. Production technologies allow you to choose any color, make engraving, paint the door in any tone. If desired, production can be carried out using combined materials.

The main advantages of such products are as follows:

  • versatility;
  • solid appearance;
  • the convenience of use;
  • saving space.

A significant advantage of a sliding glass door is complete safety of use. The tempered glass is durable enough and the unique processing technology eliminates the possibility of cuts. Such products are difficult to break, but if this happens, the glass will crumble into sand with rounded, non-sharp edges.

The owners of apartments, houses, who want to delimit the space of the room, often make their choice in favor of glass sliding doors. And this is not surprising – they look great in any room. Since the doors do not swing open, but move to the sides, they take up a minimum of space. The free space can be used to accommodate other important things, in particular large-sized furniture, decorative elements.