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Drones: 5 ways drones can help your business

Drones, unmanned flying objects, is gaining ground among consumers and companies due to their range of possibilities of use.

Birds are not the only ones who can soar through the skies. The fascination of human beings for flight has led to the design of a large number of inventions throughout history that, with greater or lesser success, have managed to rise above our heads. 

Some of these inventions have come to transport us from one place to another on the planet, such as helicopters and airplanes, and have even taken us beyond Earth, as with rockets.

One of the latest flying creations that are catching the attention of consumers and businesses are drones, those smaller, profitable unmanned aerial vehicles. Such is the potential of these devices that, if the calculation of the Strategy Analytics consulting firm, at the end of the year its sales will skyrocket by 248% worldwide. The market value of solutions powered by drones is already, according to data at 127,000 million dollars.

Perhaps one of the best-known applications is that of lethal machines that fight in the heat of war, but drones have life, and travel, beyond the military environment. For example, its use is being promoted in the following.

5 Areas that benefit companies upon using drones 

1. The courier. From the homing pigeon, we have now moved to the messenger drone. At least that is what renowned companies such as the online shopping giant Amazon or the courier firm MRW are trying, in search of increasingly fast and efficient package delivery services.

Regardless of the legal framework that these drones must respect to carry out their trips, or the need to overcome technical challenges such as overcoming physical obstacles that may arise during the flight, being able to entrust the transport tasks to devices that are capable of Getting to the intended destination by yourself, with high precision and in less time, is a great advance for any company. Agility when it comes to delivering orders is vital in terms of customer service.

2. Surveillance … or, directly, security. One of the constant concerns in business is security. And that doesn’t just come down to implementing anti-malware protection solutions and against DDoS attacks that can compromise online activity. It also includes security in the facilities and the monitoring of certain situations so that unauthorized access does not occur in restricted areas so that an event that brings together many people passes without incidents or to certify that the infrastructures are in good condition. 

A drone brings a perspective of reality, from a bird’s eye view, that would be impossible otherwise. A single device will obtain and transmit images in real-time with more information than that seen by several human eyes that survey large areas of land in unison. existed ones that even detect and neutralize other gossipy drones. So in addition to the role of the modern homing pigeon, these devices can take on the role of the watchdog of the future.

3. The rescue, which is also security. Still, within the field of business defense, it should be noted that drones are prepared to intervene in really extreme situations, such as the rescue of injured people. Does your organization have a part of its staff working in the field, outdoors, far away in the mountains, or isolated by sea? Do any of your employees take on tasks that are considered high risk? 

Depending on the type of job, accidents can occur more easily. If so, and in case of losing communication with your team, drones will also help by stopping carrying out surveillance and prevention tasks to become pure and tough lifeguards. The emergency and rescue services have the possibility of reinforcing themselves with drones that act in the middle of the catastrophe, locating victims, operating in conditions of low visibility, even at night or carrying food and medical supplies. All this without endangering the life of another person and leading to better decision making.

4. The marketing. Shooting doesn’t have to be just about life and death. The ability of drones to move through the air a few meters away from people, buildings, and landforms can be used for much more playful and even professional situations. In this case, to enrich the commercial proposition of the businesses. 

By making recordings from a drone, a company will obtain more attractive visual material with which to mount its advertising and marketing videos. You will have quality content to differentiate yourself from the competition now that so many hours of video are consumed. Those aerial shots that captured all eyes and seemed reserved for very expensive productions aboard different flying devices have become more affordable thanks to drones. Whether to show the beauty of a tourist route or the result of a sports competition, the resource is there. Using it with real impact is up to everyone’s imagination.

5. Connectivity. Life without the internet is not conceived in many parts of the world, because it allows you to find out about current affairs, dive into the past, contact other people, work, collaborate, have fun, and a thousand other things. But despite the feeling that a world in which the Internet did not exist would be unthinkable at this stage of technological development, the people who are called Internet users are the least. 

Today it is calculated that there are some 3.9 billion people who are not connected, which means that the digital divide is enormous. More than half of the world’s population is still offline. Drones can also contribute to the mission of connecting the unconnected. 

These devices have been classified by those who have undertaken connectivity projects between solutions with sufficient range to operate in areas of difficult access, as well as satellites or lasers. Facebook or Google has thought about this. And not only will it benefit users, but it will also end up having an impact on those companies that base their business on new technologies and seek new markets to expand into.