Family Counseling

Family Counseling: 7 simple ways that psychologists recommend

If you are the one who is wondering what is it like to truly love yourself, and how you can come back to love and take care of yourself? This article offers seven recommended ways family counseling psychologists can help you love yourself again.

Many people would have heard from family counseling saying that “We can love one another. Only when we love ourselves first. ”A simple statement that many people will ask questions about What kind is it? “Love yourself is.” Loving yourself is not a focus of our own feelings. Without being interested in other people’s thoughts or feelings, or having the thought that We ourselves are better and more valuable than others. But loving yourself is knowing, We are valued, meaningful, know ourselves, and able to be happy on our own.

There are many factors for a person to love himself, whether it is the pattern of the relationship between him and his babysitter. When a child had a great influence On how he looks at himself and the world This includes the types of relationships he will build with those around him. While we may not have had a very bad childhood, it doesn’t mean that we cannot practice loving ourselves right now. Loving yourself can be immediate and not difficult.

What we must have is consciousness in being aware of our thoughts. So that we can come back to understand our thoughts In order to change our perspective, reduce it, give up old thoughts, beliefs, and habits that no longer support our future, and create new beliefs, new ideas, and new habits to support life. And the future that we want to replace

We can love ourselves by doing more than we can by following these 7 tips from family counseling psychologists

Family counseling tip # 1: Write a journal

Writing in a journal is a very easy and effective way. Instead of writing a regular journal, write a journal that will turn you back to love and appreciate yourself, by writing down what you admire about yourself. Write down the things we accomplish each day or even the obstacles that we can tackle. Writing them will help us to see that we actually have many admirable abilities and accomplishments.

Family counseling tip # 2: Be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself Is that we comfort ourselves When we are discouraged Or encountering a bad situation, encouraging ourselves and self-compassion Talk to yourself in positive language. Make yourself know that we are loved We have value and we are special people like no other. We have to be kind to ourselves before we can pass it on to others.

Family counseling tip # 3: Giver

When we give We will feel good about ourselves, we will feel that we are valued. Useful and able to help others Giver Not only does it make us feel good about ourselves, but it also helps us build healthy relationships with others, as well as allows us to focus our energy on creating benefits rather than immersing ourselves in unhappiness or things that don’t help our lives. We are better

Family counseling tip # 4: Talk to yourself like talking to your most beloved friend.

Often the insecurity of oneself Suffering comes from our own thoughts, we are the ones that hurt ourselves the most. With the words we say to ourselves such as “I can’t do that,” “I’m not good enough,” “He doesn’t love me,” “Nobody will care about me” and so on.

Think about that if we are friends who love and hope for ourselves the most. What kind of words would we choose to say to encourage and comfort our friends?

Family counseling tip # 5: Select

Most people live their lives according to the needs of others. Where he is unhappy with doing it and continues to live his own life just because he wants to be loved Be accepted.

To love yourself is knowing yourself and “choosing” what is good for you and what makes you happy. When we love ourselves, we make good choices for ourselves. We do not allow ourselves to be immersed in our suffering, they choose their lives and take responsibility for their own lives. Does not require the acceptance of others, because he knows that he is a person who is valued and loved without any conditions.

Family counseling tip # 6: Meditation

Practicing meditation in order to keep our thoughts and feelings in mind is very important to our life and the practice of loving ourselves. When we are conscious We do not need to run out to the outside in order to relieve our inner distress, but we can personally capture our feelings, our thoughts and our desires, and the fulfillment of what we want. We are back with ourselves, knowing ourselves truly and enjoying ourselves.

Family counseling tip # 7: Forgive

We will never truly love ourselves. If we are unable to forgive ourselves for what we have done wrong when we admit that we are not perfect and that no one is perfect. We can forgive ourselves, we will see our mistakes as an opportunity to learn. In order to improve for us to choose and make better decisions in the future.

For some, self-love is something that requires re-learning and practice. Because he spent his whole life not liking himself, not loving. In fact, it is not difficult to love ourselves, we just have enough consciousness to listen to our own voice.

Understand yourself and learn to fulfill your needs by yourself. Whenever we are happy by ourselves, accept ourselves the way we are. Then we will have our own happy life and bring ourselves to good things and have good relationships as well.

We hope that this article will provide a guide for you to apply more or less in the practice of loving yourself.